Beyond patient education and PTX: Moving to health relationship management

Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 1:00-1:45 PM ET

Education plays a key role in helping individuals get healthy and stay healthy. In many organizations, patient education approaches have dovetailed with initiatives to improve patient experience and engagement.

In this session, we’ll review key concepts for organizations to consider in moving beyond “engagement” toward a more robust model that mobilizes individuals toward intelligent actions.



Nir Altman

Nir Altman, Co-founder and CEO, Equiva

Following positions with Deloitte and American Express then discovering a passion for early-stage ventures, Nir Altman co-founded the first company offering a tablet-based engagement solution for hospitalized patients. His leadership has inspired development of new digital health offerings to help organizations strengthen existing patient relationships and attract new customers while improving clinical outcomes and financial results. LinkedIn

Diana Crai

Diana Crai, Director of Strategic Deployments, Equiva

After early-career work as an oncology research lab tech, Diana Crai held positions with Labcorp and Hologic. In 2018, she joined Gartner to help expand the analyst firm’s reach across industry sectors. At Equiva she’s returned to her roots in healthcare, leading a team focused squarely on helping organizations better understand, adopt and maximize the value of digital solutions. LinkedIn

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