Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Bridge intelligence from connected devices for comprehensive health relationship management

New worlds of opportunity, and challenges, are in play with increasing use of connected devices – both inside and outside traditional care delivery settings. Equiva’s HRM platform helps organizations quickly align remote patient monitoring with digital engagement and care management in the context of evolving consumerization and changing reimbursement models – to improve care and increase revenue.

Equiva’s remote patient monitoring software (RPM) couples seamless capture of real-time health data with powerful data analytics to glean actionable insights for improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, glucometers, fitness trackers, wearables

When coupled with virtual visits via the Equiva platform, remote patient monitoring can contribute to significant improvements in quality of life especially among those with chronic conditions and complex self-care needs.

Equiva’s solution uniquely aligns to meet the needs of consumers (healthy, “walking well” and infirmed,) their loved ones and the healthcare professionals who serve them.

Our remote patient monitoring software is supported by the Equiva HRM platform, designed uniquely to facilitate hyper-targeted digital health engagement.

I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.