Healthcare Point Solution Aggregation

The value of coalescing disparate technologies

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) and consumers face significant complexities when evaluating healthcare technology offerings.

  • Thousands upon thousands of care apps are available
  • Most address a specific clinical need or an isolated problem in the healthcare delivery chain.
  • HCOs are hard-pressed to acquire, deploy and manage such an array of point solutions.

Using Equiva’s super app framework, healthcare organizations can securely, affordably, and cohesively power any number of digital health solutions and present them in a single, easy-to-navigate user interface. This supports the core functional offering of Equiva’s health relationship management platform—to enhance collaboration and decision-making among healthy and ill individuals, their loved ones, and members of their care team, both clinical and non-clinical.

Point Solution

“Unlike regular apps, which for years have been built to do one thing well, so-called super apps can do it all.”

– Christopher Mims, Wall Street Journal technology columnist

What the Heck Is a ‘SuperApp’ and Why Are Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel and Jack Dorsey So Interested? 
July 11, 2022

I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.