Beyond Patient Experience and Patient Engagement

Individuals more active in their care are healthier individuals

The Equiva Health Relationship Management (HRM) platform facilitates hyper-targeted digital health engagement. With Equiva, you have convenient control over delivery of content, communication applications, data capture and analysis, entertainment, telehealth, remote monitoring and more – all via devices and interfaces that meet organizational, departmental and population needs.

The Equiva platform enables integration of all components needed to engage patients in the management of their own health – and ensure a focus on humanizing healthcare.

The Equiva Platform

Use our point solution aggregation and software delivery environment to share any number of educational and engagement solutions via a single, connected framework.  

Who uses Equiva?

Thousands of interactions are happening daily via Equiva technology.

Health systems, home health agencies, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities

Patient experience, patient engagement, care management and population health professionals

Digital health consumers, patients, loved ones and care team members

“We have a longstanding history with this technology, the interface is user-friendly, and we were confident it could accommodate any application we decided to utilize.”

You’ve invested in ERP solutions, billing and claims management systems, EHRs and more.

Move your enterprise to a whole new level: Health Relationship Management (HRM)

Equiva’s Health Relationship Management (HRM) platform is the logical “next-step technology” to extend the power and value of these investments. The capabilities of an HRM solution become increasingly important as healthcare consumers exert new levels of control in accessing their own data and aligning their own decision-making. This takes patient experience and patient engagement to a new level of sophistication.
I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.