Healthcare Tablets

Put powerful information at people’s fingertips

For nearly a decade, innovators have used our software to power healthcare tablet offerings. Equiva tablets enable tens of thousands of digital interactions daily across a full array of use cases.

Tablet devices can help streamline the delivery of health and wellness resources, improve access to important (and often complex) care information, and enhance patient experience.

Our healthcare tablet solutions are powered by the Equiva HRM platform, designed uniquely to facilitate hyper-targeted digital health engagement.

Where are Equiva healthcare tablets used?

In nearly 1,000 installations across the US

At the bedside

hospitals, skilled care facilities, assisted living environments

Within outpatient and ambulatory environments

waiting areas, exam rooms

In homes

 telehealth and remote monitoring

“We received a request from a patient’s daughter to have gospel music playing in the room to assist with remaining positive during the healing process. We found a playlist with 166 videos, which provided us with at least 500 minutes of music on YouTube. The family was ecstatic!”

Use Cases

Align tablets to meet many needs

You’ll collaborate with Equiva experts to scope use cases and optimally align our software and hardware offerings. Most customers move from planning to go-live deployment in four weeks or less – without taxing nursing or IT staff.


Customize welcome and stay information – with quick updating via the cloud


Deliver population- and condition-specific videos, PDFs, and 3D anatomical images


TV, games and news plus relaxation and spirituality offerings


Deploy digital registration forms, surveys and staff recognition tools


Integrate with EHR, telemedicine, language services, meal ordering, etc.

A note about Equiva at hospital bedsides

Our technology evolved over nearly a decade of delivering healthcare tablet-based patient engagement solutions. We’ve secured metrics-focused results in some of healthcare’s most highly innovative organizations.
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I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.