Healthcare Communication Apps

Connecting patients, loved ones and care team members via video call

Healthcare organizations are seeing radical transformation in the use of digital technology to improve communications – from remote connectivity with loved ones to streamlined services for language and translation services. Equiva’s healthcare communication apps are now used widely to enhance communication among all involved in the healthcare journey.


The Equiva platform provides an ideal environment to deliver telemedicine solutions via tablet devices – from vendors such as Amwell, Teladoc, Epic and VSee. Our technology serves as the framework for thousands of virtual visits monthly.

Equiva’s open framework enables organizations to securely deliver virtual visits as well as targeted educational materials and support resources.

“In the early days of COVID, we worked tirelessly to prevent service disruption. In-home use of Equiva tablets has been important to our success. The tablets are especially valuable for immunocompromised patients, such as those with cancer or on a ventilator.”

Language and Interpretation Services

Organizations can readily deliver language and interpretation services conveniently via tablets.


Compassionate connectivity for patients and loved ones

Patients can instantly video call with family members or friends simply by entering the loved ones’ smartphone number or email — all via a single bedside tablet.

“This tool is in wide usage. We are thrilled with the EZCall functionality. In one area, we're using it as a means of pre- and post-procedure calls. Whenever we present this technology it is one of the ‘wow’ factors.”

Care Team Connect™

In-facility communication

This easy-to-use application augments the nurse call system by connecting patients with members of their care team via video call and chat.

Our communication solutions are powered by the Equiva HRM platform, designed uniquely to facilitate hyper-targeted digital health engagement.

I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.