Addressing Social Determinents of Health

Equiva stands for health equity

With fast-moving and significant adoption of patient experience and engagement solutions, digital healthcare is here to stay. Research will continue to show its value in reducing healthcare costs – and in making healthcare more available to people.

Equiva’s offerings are developed purposefully to support organizations in their efforts to advance digital health equity.


Hands in Heart Shape

Availability does not translate to access

Just because something is available does not mean it’s accessible. In healthcare, this is critically important and cannot be overlooked.  Equiva offers solutions that:

  • make it easy and convenient for people to digitally access healthcare services and information.
  • make it radically affordable for health care organizations to deliver digital solutions – quickly and without unnecessary hassles.
Weighing Health

Digital access for all

At Equiva, we believe that every individual deserves basic access to the digital health tools and resources that help advance health and wellbeing – in healthcare facilities, at home and on the go. We provide technology to improve collaboration and decision-making among patients, their loved ones, and care team members. We believe that now is the time to reduce digital health disparities and advance health equity for all.

Read our blog for insights and perspectives on health equity and other key issues shaping the healthcare industry.

I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.