Equiva Peri-Op Connect

Make education and support tools readily accessible for surgical patients and caregivers

Surgical experiences can be complex. Patients and caregivers often struggle to follow instructions. Heightened anxiety can impact the patient’s overall state of wellbeing and ability to understand patient education offerings in a timely fashion. This often leads to care plan and protocol non-compliance — which can impact outcome improvement initiatives and may lead to costly delays or cancellations.

Equiva Peri-Op Connect supports comprehensive and cohesive engagement throughout the patient journey — pre-op and post-op, at home and in-facility.

Enhance care journeys

Improve clinical outcomes
Reduce costly inefficiencies
Improve patient experience scores

"We’re reaching patients in new and unique ways with a holistic approach spanning the peri-op journey. We’re enhancing patient and caregiver experiences, moving the needle on quality, advancing health equity and improving outcomes. Clearly there’s a need for this type of surgical engagement."

Configure Your User Interfaces

Meet patients and loved ones where they are

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I’d like to learn more.
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