Equiva NICU Connect

Make education and support tools more readily accessible across the NICU care continuum

No family’s NICU journey is the same but nearly all families feel overwhelmed by the amount of learning needed to care for NICU babies. Many NICU families face emotional and/or psychosocial challenges – and turn to NICU care team members for support.

Equiva supports comprehensive and cohesive engagement throughout the journey – pre-NICU stay, in-facility and transition to home

Improve clinical outcomes
Reduce costly inefficiencies
Improve patient experience scores

“We’re leveraging technology to take a much more holistic approach to improving the family experience, advancing quality improvement initiatives and meeting specific needs across varying populations. The professionalism and responsiveness of Equiva’s team has most certainly contributed to our success.”

Configure Your User Interfaces

Meet patients and loved ones where they are

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Equiva offers care journey solutions in several clinical specialty areas​

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I’d like to learn more.
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