Equiva Joint Replacement Connect

Streamline education and support to enhance patient engagement, reduce readmissions and improve outcomes

Joint replacement surgery can be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect can help patients and loved ones reduce anxiety.

Accreditation requirements and quality standards require hospitals to provide comprehensive teaching prior to surgery, during hospitalization and as part of follow-up care. Language barriers and complex medical terminology can reduce teaching effectiveness.

Equiva supports a comprehensive journey for patients and loved ones — pre-op and post-op, at home and in-facility.

Improve clinical outcomes
Reduce costly inefficiencies
Improve patient experience scores

“While the industry is adopting best-practice value-based protocols, hospitals have unique needs based on the populations they serve and the input they get from physicians, nurses, PT, OT, etc. Variation will always exist. Equiva’s platform allows us to be flexible without incurring significant expense.”

Configure Your User Interfaces

Meet patients and loved ones where they are

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Equiva offers care journey solutions in several clinical specialty areas​​

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I’d like to learn more.
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