Equiva Emergency Connect - Adult

Improve learning, reduce anxiety and support a holistic ED experience

Anxiety associated with ED visits can negatively impact patients, and long wait times often exacerbated this challenge. Language barriers and use of complex medical terms can create teaching obstacles. ED clinicians face shifting priorities and time limitations, impacting their ability to assist with anxiety reduction and to maximize comprehension.

Equiva ED Connect enhances teaching, provides healthy distractions and improves access to important information – during and after ED visits.  

Improve clinical outcomes
Reduce costly inefficiencies
Improve patient experience scores

“ED patient volume spikes and overcrowding contribute to workload variation, clinician burnout and patient dissatisfaction. With Equiva’s platform, we’ve quickly bridged patient engagement gaps, streamlined care workflows and advanced quality initiatives.”

Configure Your User Interfaces

Meet patients and loved ones where they are

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I’d like to learn more.
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