Equiva Connect At Home

Purpose-built for holistic in-home care

As our industry realizes value from new models that support home-based care delivery and management, consumers and clinicians are deluged in an expanding sea of information as well as mobile apps, connected devices, and digital front doors.

  • Can patients and their loved ones be expected to regularly acquire, operationalize and update an array of point solutions?
  • How can healthcare organizations and clinicians maximize the value of these solutions?
  • How does the new home-based ecosystem help advance health equity?

The concept of a home health hub has been discussed as “future technology” for some time. Today, Equiva makes it a reality for providers, payers and other healthcare organizations with our affordable, easy-to-deploy Equiva Connect at Home solution.

Digital Health Hub

We are pleased to offer a this novel solution, a consumer-friendly, configurable tablet device that supports holistic management of patient health journeys and customer relationships.



Learn about the evolution of this solution in our blog.  Read now 


Built for today’s home-based health needs, delivered via a single device

Equiva’s solution provides convenience and reduces complexity by:

  • bringing disparate offerings (information, education, applications, etc.) together in a stand-alone environment, eliminating the need to manage multiple mobile and connected solutions
  • delivering solutions and services aligned to individual needs based on evidence-based protocols for targeted patient populations
  • leveraging data analytics with educational and behavioral science methodologies — to identify and deliver timely nudges and alerts to patients, loved ones and care team members
  • reducing logistics-side demands for installation, training and support

Sitting prominently on a kitchen counter or a bedside table, the device:

  • offers a visually appealing, clutter-free interface with large icons — welcoming and encouraging use among people regardless of technical skill, education, etc.
  • provides out-of-the-box functionality; it’s easy to set up, easy to use and intuitive to navigate
  • overcomes usability, security, and connectivity issues which are proven roadblocks for delivering remote monitoring, telehealth and other home services

Learn about our prototype of this solution developed by researchers at NYC-based Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital.

“The new hub is bridging the gap between providing health care in the remote environment versus having it in the physical environment. It’s the microcosm of the entire system because it encapsulates and concentrates those four main functions: monitoring, treating, communicating, and data analysis.”

– Yelena Yesha, chief innovation officer and head of international relations, University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing

2021 Smart Cities Miami Conference

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I’d like to learn more.
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