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Community and rural hospitals: Rethinking patient experience

Prior to the pandemic, many hospitals explored the use of “enterprise-wide interactive patient experience platforms.” These solutions typically use inpatient televisions as a primary device for delivering hospital information, education and resources. Most are costly and complex to deploy.

While many of today’s community and rural hospitals lack budget and manpower to secure these platforms, new technologies exist to quickly and affordably advance patient engagement initiatives beyond the hospital bed.

Join us to explore a how smaller hospitals are using a tablet-based “health relationship management” model to cost-effectively deliver important health information and tools to patients in inpatient, outpatient and home settings. Via this model, hospitals and departments can readily:

  • Define patient engagement goals and identify specific materials and resources needed to support these goals.
  • Coalesce these offerings into a well-organized, easy-to-use, single-screen point of access.
  • Capture data to inform tactical and strategic program development decisions.


  • Trevor Smith, Head of Business Development, Samsung Healthcare
  • Nir Altman, Co-founder and CEO, Equiva Health

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