Clinic and Hospital Digital Signage

Engage guests with education, promotions, entertainment and more

Many organizations provide television viewing for guests in waiting rooms and other public areas. This can be fraught with challenges including requests to change channels, lost remotes, and cable connectivity issues. Clinic and hospital digital signage can solve these problems.

Repurpose your television monitors or add new display devices to support department-specific and organization-wide goals. With very little investment and in less than four weeks, you’ll deliver content that is valuable, dynamic and timely.

Equiva’s clinic and hospital digital signage provide a quick, easy and cost-effective delivery vehicle to inform, inspire, educate, promote — in waiting rooms, high-traffic public areas, and employee-only locations.

Our clinic and hospital digital signage solutions are powered by the Equiva HRM platform, designed uniquely to facilitate hyper-targeted digital health engagement.

I’d like to learn more. Please contact me.

I’d like to learn more.
Please contact me.