Affordable Connectivity Program

Seamlessly bridge at-risk individuals to care

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a $14.2 billion FCC benefit program designed to help ensure households can afford the broadband and devices they need for healthcare and more.

Equiva partners with healthcare organizations to leverage the ACP. Together, we can help ensure at-risk, under-connected individuals have access to the information, resources and care solutions they need to manage their health more effectively.

While a White House press release indicates that 48 million households – nearly 40% of U.S. households – are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, according to the FCC only 14.7 million households have subscribed as of early November.

A Golden Moment for Telehealth Depends on Meeting the Need  For Broadband, 11/22/22

What does your organization get from the Equiva ACP Program?

Equiva provides a seamless infrastructure for you to enroll eligible patients or members in the Affordable Connectivity Program quickly and easily — and assure they receive:


*There is a nominal fee for each tablet. Equiva ensures overall program costs are extremely low. Once Equiva ships a tablet, it is the household’s to keep.

Who engages with Equiva for its ACP Connect Program?

The Cancer Support Community is
partnering with Equiva to bring digital support services
and resources to underserved communities.

Who is eligible for the ACP?

We support you in helping patients or members apply for the ACP. Qualified individuals are in households with income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or if they meet at least one of these criteria:

“The ACP is a critically important initiative for today’s digital realities. We look forward to advancing health equity by breaking down barriers, bridging gaps, and reducing redundancies in many of today’s connected healthcare models.”

Nir Altman, Equiva co-founder & CEO

Advance health equity. Reduce costs. Improve health outcomes.

For more than a decade, leading health systems have used Equiva’s digital engagement technologies to improve care engagement for patients and caregivers. Now, we make this same technology available via the ACP framework.

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