Bridge gaps and redundancies in digital engagement with our new Connected Home Health Hub

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Author: Nir Altman, Co-founder and CEO, Equiva

In a recent two-part blog, I wrote about the “digital health hub,” sharing that this model holds great merit, especially to advance health outcomes and equity if core aspects of it can be deployed and adopted with little complexity and at a low cost.

Today, I’m pleased to share exciting news about our just-announced Connected Home Health Hub. I extend sincere appreciation to our customers who collaborated with us to create this offering, and to the entire Equiva team for their passion and persistence in making it a reality.

Too many apps, too much confusion

Today’s consumers and clinicians are deluged in an expanding array of health information and a widening sea of options for mobile apps, connected devices and digital front doors.  We’ve seen first-hand the technical and operational challenges organizations face when seeking to identify, deploy and manage a range of point solutions.

In evolving our technology, we’ve created a novel approach to advancing digital health – a powerful platform that facilitates the aggregation of point solutions along with configurability and support to deliver any range of healthcare services to users at any time, wherever they may be. 

With a limited investment of time and budget, providers and payers use our solution to coalesce disparate communication, education, care management, and wellness offerings — and to present them cohesively via tablets in a single, easy-to-understand, user-friendly interface aligned to population-specific needs.

We’ve dubbed this a “health relationship management” (HRM) platform and it exists to enhance information-sharing, collaboration and decision-making among patients, loved ones and care team members, both clinical and non-clinical. Via the HRM platform, a healthcare organization bridges gaps and redundancies in existing digital engagement models by quickly creating its own branded “digital health hub” offering and cost-effectively delivering it to targeted patient groups.

The Equiva HRM platform also facilitates hyper-targeted digital health engagement. It relies on underlying data analytics capabilities married up with education and behavioral science methodologies to define and drive recommended actions for health improvement and management.

Engaging patients and loved ones at home

While our earliest work centered on inpatient environments, with COVID-19 we saw hospitals extending beyond their facilities. New York-based Mount Sinai, for example, met the needs of pediatric clinic patients by shipping tablets to family homes — preloaded with their telehealth application as well as population-specific teaching materials and surveys. The goal was to make it as quick and easy as possible for families to adopt this new approach. Across use in hundreds of homes with thousands of interactions, fewer than 10 calls were placed to the support line.

Since this pioneering work with one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, we’ve moved forward with several exciting home-based initiatives. And, this week, we’re proud to unveil Equiva’s Connected Home Health Hub.

We’ve purposefully built this solution to serve as the home’s single point of access to healthcare services — while also optimizing deployment time, ease of use and affordability for providers and payers seeking new opportunities for home-based engagement. We designed it to advance hybrid care models by aligning with fast-emerging home-based healthcare needs. And we developed it to serve the needs of patients, their loved ones and care team members – regardless of a person’s tech savviness.

The concept of a “home health hub” has been discussed as future technology for some time. Today, the entire Equiva team is pleased to bring it closer to reality. We look forward to advancing this technology not only to help healthcare organizations power some of today’s most exciting patient experience initiatives but also to activate individuals to meaningful action.   

I’m keen to exchange ideas around the evolution of digital health hubs. Have you researched or written about this topic? Are you eager to advance the concept in real-world application? Please reach out via LinkedIn or email me to schedule a brief information-sharing discussion.

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