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New Connected Home Health Hub provides single point of access to healthcare services, supporting remote engagement, coordinated management and hybrid care delivery

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Configurable tablet powered by health relationship management software brings disparate care solutions together to enhance collaboration, decision-making among patients, loved ones and care team 

New York, NY, October 25, 2022 — Adding to its expanding suite of innovative patient engagement solutions, Equiva today unveiled its Connected Home Health Hub offering. Powered by first-of-its-kind back-end software, this consumer-friendly configurable tablet device supports healthcare organizations seeking to optimize in-home care initiatives and advance health equity by enabling a more holistic approach to managing patient health journeys and customer relationships.

“Healthcare providers and payers use this new digital heath hub from Equiva to bridge gaps in communication, care delivery, navigation and wellness, as well as data capture and analytics,” said Nir Altman, Equiva CEO. “We seek to help individuals be more effective in managing their health wherever they are –at a medical facility, at home or on the go — while also understanding and aligning the unique needs of clinicians and caregivers.”

With built-in 4G LTE capabilities, Equiva’s Connected Home Health Hub is designed to sit prominently in the home, on a kitchen counter, bedside table or other readily accessible location.  It is purpose-built to ensure ease of set-up, ease-of-use and durability. “Engaging with a highly user-friendly interface, patients and loved ones can access remote patient monitoring, chronic care management services, telehealth visits, patient education materials, wellness offerings, language interpretation, and video chatting with family and friends, as well as digital forms, assessments and surveys,” said Altman.

The solution is powered by Equiva’s health relationship management (HRM) platform which facilitates the aggregation of best-in-class point solutions along with configurability and support to deliver any range of healthcare services to users at any time, wherever they may be.  Equiva’s HRM platform bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies – to cost-efficiently support hyper-targeted and collaborative engagement of patients, their loved ones and care team members via digital devices.

Using funding from the FCC’s COVID-19 Telehealth program Equiva developed a prototype of the solution with researchers at NYC-based Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. In sending tablets to the homes of select clinic patients, ease-of-use and flexibility were key, according to the lead researcher. Devices saw thousands of patient interactions but fewer than 10 requests for support, he said.

At the 2021 Smart Cities Miami conference, academicians described the concept of a home technology-empowered health hub. “(The hub bridges) the gap between providing health care in the remote environment versus having it in the physical environment,” said Yelena Yesha, chief innovation officer at the University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC.) “The integration of state-of-the-art technologies, with the data acquisition and handling done in a protective way, and then being able to communicate with the physician and the health care providers in a seamless way is a totally novel concept that does not exist.”

Equiva developed the world’s first solution leveraging tablets to support inpatients at hospital bedsides. The company has since expanded its technology to support home use based on millions of interactions via 800+ deployments across dozens of prominent health systems.

About Equiva

Equiva’s health relationship management platform helps healthcare organizations develop and retain long-term customer relationships and support initiatives to advance health equity, improve health outcomes and drive financial success. Equiva blends aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing in a framework that bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies – to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven action among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and care team members.  A healthcare point solution aggregation and software delivery environment, Equiva’s SaaS platform can securely power any number of education and engagement solutions via mobile devices (tablets and phones,) kiosks, televisions, digital signage and more.

Beth Strohbusch
Equiva Head of Marketing

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