HCOs use Mobile Connect to affordably deliver patient cohort-specific education and resources via mobile app

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New offering expands the company’s health relationship management platform capabilities

New York, NY, February 17, 2022 — Adding to its suite of digital patient engagement solutions, Equiva today unveiled its new Mobile Connect™ solution which enables healthcare organizations to securely deliver mobile app experiences to patients and their loved ones, with flexibility to easily configure the app to meet specific population needs. The solution enhances the company’s health relationship management platform, an integrated omnichannel solution for collaborative, hyper-targeted digital health engagement.

With Equiva Mobile Connect™, the healthcare organization (HCO,) or an individual unit, department or clinic, can select specific education materials, support resources and information to be presented via the app to align with targeted population-based care objectives.

“Many of our customers have told us that mobile app options are limited. Prepackaged offerings do not allow content to be fluidly defined and updated based on changing protocols, patient needs and the like. Custom development tends to be time and cost-prohibitive,” said Nir Altman, Equiva CEO. “We’re pleased to support HCOs in providing digital offerings that extend across care environments, especially to meet personalized needs of individuals at home and on the go. This is fundamental to our health relationship management platform.”

Each instance of the Equiva Mobile Connect™ app is mapped to deliver a preconfigured set of teaching materials, survey tools and wellness resources (relaxation tools, nutrition tips, etc.) as well as organization-specific informational and promotional materials. These can include videos, PDFs, web-linked applications, survey tools and more. For example, a mom-baby unit discharge cohort can be given an app with care plan-aligned materials to support a healthy recovery at home, flag potential complications, assess pain, measure satisfaction, etc. A colonoscopy pre-op cohort can be given an app with information to prepare and arrive safely for their procedure.

The app can be custom branded with an HCO or department logo. Equiva provides powerful analytics that enable HCOs to measure success and identify areas for improvement. Survey-generated feedback data can be made available via real-time dashboards or via summary reports provided on weekly or monthly basis.

Research has consistently shown that tailoring education to a patient’s specific situation, diagnosis and treatment plan can decrease anxiety and improve treatment adherence. In recent research, clinicians studied the effect of prescribing tailored education via a mobile app to support breast cancer learning at the point of a patient’s need. “We demonstrate that technology can support tailored delivery of education in way that supports patients and alleviates burden on clinics,” said researchers who presented at the 2020 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium hosted by MD Anderson Cancer Center, UT Health and the American Association for Cancer Research.

About Equiva
Equiva provides a health relationship management (HRM) platform to help healthcare organizations drive health improvement and financial success by developing and retaining long-term customer relationships. The Equiva HRM platform blends unique aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing in an omnichannel framework that bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies – to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven action among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and members of the care team. https://equivahealth.com

Beth Strohbusch
Head of Marketing
Equiva (formerly PadInMotion)

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