Equiva’s new healthcare kiosk solution empowers real-time patient and customer satisfaction measurement at point of care

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New York, NY, November 4, 2021 Adding to its suite of digital patient engagement solutions, Equiva today unveiled a new kiosk offering designed to cost-effectively measure patient and customer satisfaction at the point of care. Healthcare organizations (HCOs) use Equiva’s digital touch terminals to engage with patients and visitors during wait times and before leaving a department or facility. The solution’s backend SaaS platform provides real-time and longitudinal data reporting to support customer service-centric quality improvement initiatives.

Equiva’s kiosks are one of several digital touchpoint devices offered by the company via its health relationship management (HRM) platform, a framework that blends unique aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing to help HCOs develop and retain long-term customer relationships.

“Under intense pressure to improve quality scores, our customers face limitations with today’s most widely used patient experience survey tools including reporting delays, recall bias, and the like. Kiosks can be used to blend real-time data capture with retrospective data analysis, gleaning insights to more quickly identify and more nimbly address service shortcomings,” said Equiva CEO Nir Altman. “Our kiosks make it uber-easy for users to share feedback, and also provide a visual statement that the organization cares about customer input.” 

Within Equiva’s HRM platform, kiosk-generated data marries up with data generated via other devices such as tablets, mobile apps and remote monitoring devices, Altman said. “The platform offers functionality to blend data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies — to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven actions among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and members of the care team.” 

In announcing his firm’s report titled Capturing Patient Experience: Current Challenges & Future Needs, Chilmark Research Analyst Brian Eastwood said, “CXOs need to align the use of point-of-care survey solutions with short- and long-term strategies for improving overall patient experience, whether it means boosting HCAHPS scores, addressing operational challenges or aligning with industry best practices.”

Equiva’s kiosks capture information in a non-intrusive way, often via anonymous ‘smiley face’ surveys that draw users in and eliminate age, language and other barriers. Equiva also advises on more advanced interfaces with customized branching logic. Altman said his team is seeing organizations use kiosk-captured data for cross-facility comparison to identify departmental over- and under-performers, and to monitor heat maps to align rapid critical incident response.

While Equiva’s kiosks are now used mostly for customer satisfaction data capture, the company also helps HCOs leverage kiosk technology for patient education, employee recognition, QR code sharing, check-in/registration, and more.

“Kiosks are taking on new roles in many sectors. Healthcare should be no different, especially in using kiosks to cost-effectively meet customers where they are,” Altman stated. 

About Equiva

Equiva provides a health relationship management (HRM) platform to help healthcare organizations drive health improvement and financial success by developing and retaining long-term customer relationships. The Equiva HRM platform blends unique aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing in a framework that bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies – to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven action among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and members of the care team. Equiva tablets, mobile apps, kiosks and digital signage support strategic initiatives via thousands of deployments across hundreds of leading healthcare organizations. equivahealth.com

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Beth Strohbusch
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Equiva (formerly PadInMotion)

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