PadInMotion unveils new corporate name, Equiva, reflecting focus on health relationship management and engagement across the digital care continuum

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New York, NY, August 3, 2021 – PadInMotion, the leader in tablet-based patient experience technology with thousands of licenses across dozens of health systems nationwide, today announced a new strategic direction — to deliver an expanded range of solutions that help organizations improve outcomes by advancing digital health collaboration and decision-making among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and caregivers.

The company unveiled its new name, Equiva (ee–kwi–vuh,) and its new health relationship management platform which brings specific aspects of patient experience, care management and marketing together in a single framework that enables organizations to strengthen relationships with existing patients, attract new customers, drive better clinical outcomes, and improve financial results.

“Equiva’s health relationship (HRM) platform converges data from clinical and non-clinical sources, applies analytics to identify opportunities that reduce risk and improve outcomes, and leverages education and behavioral science methodologies to move individuals toward specific actions,” stated Equiva CEO Nir Altman. “With HRM, we mobilize intelligence-driven, outcomes-focused, hyper-targeted engagement across the digital continuum — among patients, loved ones and health care professionals.”

Altman added, “Our customers consistently turn to us as a trusted partner to address real-world patient engagement challenges, and now seek our expertise to address massive shifts in care delivery. Data is coming at them from a multitude of sources, including expanding channels for patient-generated data. They need a solution to efficiently convene data and optimize its value as information.”

Equiva customers include healthcare organizations such as Northwell, Mount Sinai, Providence, Kaiser Permanente, HCA and Hackensack Meridian. These entities use the company’s software to personalize delivery of educational content, entertainment and support services, communication applications, telehealth, remote monitoring, data capture, and more – via devices including tablets, mobile apps, digital signage, kiosks, and televisions.

The company has a proven history of results. As part of the CMS Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model, one hospital reduced hip replacement readmissions by 35% after using bedside tablets to deliver patient education. 

“Data will drive change in ways never before imagined — to prevent disease and improve health, “said Beth Strohbusch, Equiva’s head of marketing. “Despite struggling with volumes of data at hand, we should focus on creating even more data, especially real-time, consumer-centric data.  Healthcare organizations need a better infrastructure to seamlessly capture data, move it securely through the network, and scrub it with advanced analytics, then instantly deliver actionable insights in care facilities, at home, on the go.”

Health IT spend has centered mostly on administrative and financial systems, stated Dan Crain, operating partner at Newark Venture Partners, an early-stage investor in the company. “These platforms do not support large volumes of data moving in and out of a distributed delivery model across numerous systems and point solutions,” he said. 

To date, health IT platforms, including EHRs, have mostly supported basic record-keeping, Crain added. “As CMS Rule 9115-F emancipates data by giving individuals ready access to their own health information, consumers move to the center. Healthcare organizations must tap logical ‘next-step’ enterprise technology to extend the value of their historical IT investments.” 

Experts agree that interoperability challenges continue to hinder the industry, despite efforts with systems like EHRs and HIEs. 

“No single framework exists for the specific purpose of simultaneously driving both health improvement and financial success. HRM changes this,” said Altman. “Equiva’s HRM platform helps organizations align individuals who consume healthcare services with those who deliver them in a way that makes clinical and business sense.”

Equiva is derived from the word ‘equivalent,” defined by Webster as: corresponding or virtually identical especially in effect or function. The name represents a more equalized balance in collaboration across all involved in healthcare decision-making, Altman said.

About Equiva

Equiva provides a health relationship management (HRM) platform to help healthcare organizations drive health improvement and financial success by developing and retaining long-term customer relationships. The Equiva HRM platform blends unique aspects of patient engagement, care management, and marketing in a framework that bridges data analytics with education and behavioral science-driven methodologies – to purposefully mobilize intelligence-driven action among consumers, patients, their loved ones, and members of the care team.

Media Contact:

Beth Strohbusch

Equiva, Head of Marketing


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